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Lash extensions

The first 24 hours:

After getting a full set or fill do not get them wet. This includes steam and sweat.


Q- Do you have sensitivities/ allergies to certain adhesives?

A- We offer sensitive options to customize the application process to best meet your needs.

Q- Do you exercise or swim or go to the beach?

A- Sweat, chlorine, salt water and sand can clog and/ or leave residue on you extensions. This is why washing is so important. Make sure you are washing them before and after these activities.

Q- Do you use facial products such as serums, moisturizer, primers, foundation or concealer?

A- We ask that you try your best to avoid using these products close to your extensions. If you are using oil based products close to your eyes we recommend using a mattifyer on top of them especially underneath the eyes to keep oil or dirt away from your lash extensions. 

Q- Do you use eyeliner?

A- Avoid oil based or waterproof formulated liners at all costs. They can be very difficult to remove and can make your extensions stick together.

Q- Do you use mascara?

A- Having extensions means no longer needing mascara, even on your bottom lashes. Even though you aren't applying product directly to your extensions every time you blink that mascara from your bottom lashes gets up in your top lashes and can cause serious damage to your extensions. 

Q- Eyeshadow/ cream shadow?

A- Powder shadows are perfectly fine. We do not recommend cream shadows while having extensions. The ingredients in cream shadows are usually oil based and can cause the glue used for extensions to break dow and can case them to fall out quick and/ or stick and clump together. 

Q- Will you be having or have you had any eye surgery?

A- Please be sure to consult your physician on if you can have your extensions before/ during or after your procedure. 

Q- Are you pregnant or recently had a baby?

A- Hair loss is a possibility that comes with pregnancy so we would like to make you aware of this for the possibility that your extensions may not last as long as they normally would. 


Do's & Don'ts


Wash DAILY with a lash cleanser- this will also remove any makeup around the eyes

brush daily with a clean lash brush (your lash tech will give you a fresh one after each fill)


Do not use any oil based products around your eyes (micellar water, makeup remover, heavy moisturizers, pre cleanse/ pre cleanse balms, etc.)

Do not use mascara. both regular & waterproof- this includes even on the bottom lashes 

Do not rub eyes or pull on lashes

Do not use a towel to dry lashes- let them air dry or use a small fan

Do not use a lash curler

Do not expose lashes to extended amounts of stem- take quick or cold showers & no hot tubs or saunas!

Recommended refill times

Every 2-3 weeks or within 7-9 days from your last appointment.

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