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Q- What is it?

A- Combo brows are a combination of  microblading and a light shading to create the perfect blend. Whether you have a lot of brow hair or none, this procedure can make any brow look fabulous. We  can ease into brows and go as natural or as bold as you would like. I always suggest a nicely shaped, natural approach and we can always darken or thicken if you decide you want bolder at your second appointment. This is a two session procedure, you will come back in 4-6 weeks for your second session. Most clients come back between 6-15 months for a color boost! This is a one session appointment of strokes and shading to fill in any areas that have lightened over time. 

Q- What should I expect?

A- Immediately following your permanent makeup session, your brows or liner will appear very dark and stark, over the course of a few weeks they will lighten 30-50% then start to fade and disappear and lightly reappear about 3 weeks later. It's a strange process, but trust the process. Your brows or liner will be fabulous soon!

Q- What is the pain level?

A-We use a 5% lidocaine before your procedure and during to give you the ultimate comfort level! We strive to make you as comfortable as possible. Most clients would say it's a 1-2 on the pain scale and it feels like a light tickle.

Q- What happens if I've completed my permanent makeup and my brows or liner is light or spotty?

A- Sometimes people scab or heal lighter, it's not common to need a third session, only a color boost in 8-15 months, but it can happen especially if you are someone who scabs heavy or bleeds more. Remember, give your makeup 30 days to pop back and see the full results. Brows or liner will fade during the healing process and will reappear once the layer of granular skin cells go away. This is a normal part of the healing process. If you need more color added, you can come back in within the first 60 days and receive a 3rd boost for $50. 

Q- How often should I do a color boost?

A- A color boost is typically needed between 6-18 months. Depending on your skin type, lifestyle, if you're a heavy sweater, have a lot of sun exposure, or have a faster cellular turnover rate. These are all factors that can play into how fast your brows or liner can fade. Someone who has a more dry skin type tends to hold color more than someone who is more oily or heavily sweats. sweat and oil can move the pigment around in the skin and cause it to disappear faster. Some clients can go years and their brows/liner still look perfect, where others need to come back more often to maintain their permanent makeup.

Q- I have light colored brow hair, will microblading/ combo brows work for me?

A- We will color match your brows based on your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. if you have blonde or grey brows, it is recommended to get them tinted every 8-12 weeks. Tinting is offered free to anyone who has been microbladed by Lauren only. Seeing another esthetician for tinting will result in payment. Tinting will color the light hairs and blend them with your permanent makeup to give more of a pop. Since microblading is in the skin and the brow hairs sit on top of the work, if they are light it can make the brows appear light or faded to some. Tinting is a great way to maintain fresh brows when you feel like the color looks too light!

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